got water?

Got Water?

The 2nd Annual Got Water? auction for African Well Fund is underway! The auction runs from today to 11/19 so start bidding and spread the word!

Up for auction is an autographed copy of U2 by U2 (by all 4 members of U2) as well as handmade African Jewelry and celebrity designed water bottles. Plus the usual memorabilia stuff.

Happy Bidding :)

Edge quote at Q awards

'One of the most inspirational periods of rock music history'

Edge collected the 'Innovation in Sound Award' at the 2006 Q Awards at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London today. Here's what he had to say.

If you have an inquiring mind, if you are drawn naturally towards the frontier of scientific and technological discovery. If you are the kind of person who finds themselves asking the question why? Far less often then why not? you should probably head for Silicon Valley and get a job at Microsoft.

If however you are lucky enough to have grown up during one of the most inspiration periods of rock music history, during the era of guitar players like John McGeogh, Stuart Adamson, Will Sargent, Bill Frizzell, Tom Verlaine, Richard Lloyd, Kevin Sheilds, Noel Gallagher, John Squire - and to have found a group of musical collaborators who make it possible for you to find a a creative voice, then you just might end up having the kind of charmed existence that I feel I have had over the last few decades. Thanks to Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, Bono, Adam and Larry and Paul for making it possible.

I've heard Edge make reference to Television and Tom Verlaine before but he's never mentioned Richard Lloyd. How cool! I used to work with Richard's mom at Medco until she retired a couple of years ago. I will have to send her this in case Richard hasn't seen it. He lives in NYC now with his son.

Interesting that he mentioned Stuart Adamson and Noel Gallagher.
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Wow, a DD post.

Very happy to see Duran Duran taking a stand on human rights issues.

Also, JT's new self designed Peavey bass is available.It's a nice design. Too bad it has to be linked to those fur lovers, Juicy Couture. Blech.

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Snow Patrol 9.27.06

After rescheduling from this summer, Snow Patrol finally arrived in Los Angeles this week. The sold out 2 nights at the Wiltern were met with major excitement. In addition to the show, it was great to share in the music with so many people I care about: Christa, Joy, Cheryl, Pam, Michele, Courtney, Lissie (yay with the finally in person hug)! Dammit to prune juice that Ally went the night before and thereforem missed out on below described the hot pants action. And I just found out that Adrienne (boob girl in her own right) was there in GA last night. Thank GOD we did not bump into her. *shudder*

But first, we had to deal with the mumblings of 30 something (more like 40 something?) Martha "Boob" Wainright, in her suede knee boots, 70's hot pants/gym shorts, and a boobs flopping all over the place like a bouncing ball on a playground. GROSS. NOT enjoyable. Altho texting Cheryl (who was about 10 feet from me) about said boobs was enjoyable.

Then we were treated to Augustana (I keep wanting to call them Aquanet or Aqualung not sure why), a garage band from SoCal that had a good sound but very little stage presence. I enjoyed them but thought there set was way too long for an opening act. I'll check out their stuff tho because I liked some of their songs.

FINALLY at like 10:15 Snow Patrol hit the stage :) The first 3 songs about blew me away, 3 of my favorites by them. Spitting Games!!! Towards the end of the show I had to pee so bad, I had to "run" to the bathroom where there was a line and I missed "Run". Oh well. What can you do? Too many sour apple martinis made me pee.

And that was just the kickoff. Next Friday are the Killers at the same location (Wiltern is a great venue, even if the location is rather butt nasty)

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Dear Lord I am stressed out. I am taking a break from work! At 7pm. Yay mee!!!!! And then I will go back to working and then take another break if it's true that the new epi of Gilmore Girls is on tonight.

Oh by the thankfulness that is Adam Clayton's short sleeved shirts, last night with U2 and GD performing "The Saints are coming" fucking rocked. But, alas, how come Adam did not get much screen time???


THIS almost makes up for it.

Tomorrow night is Snow Patrol, and that is getting me through right now.

What time is everyone thinking about getting there? so like we can dance together and stuff. *dork*

IF I do survive the next few weeks of Medco and working and my client not hating me and I don't end up getting fired and relegated to the IE, in a trailer, there will be much celebrating to come soon with the passing of the numero 37.

That's a big IF.
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