Pocahantas (oktobergirl) wrote,

Sayonara 2006

It is 8:20pm PSt and I am where I want to be. With my family. My mom, my brother and SIL, Mary. My cousins Sara and Kristin, who I consider my sisters :)

I had a great day today. Granted, with the stress of moving it has been a bit chaotic around these parts. I have had a lot of mixed emotions re: moving from the address I have come to call as home since Sept 1, 1998: 1455 S. Irena Ave.

Here is why. As a child of a broken home, we have never lived anywhere longer than 5 years in a physical place. Hence, living at our house in So Redondo has been the most I have ever called home in my life. It seems weird for some, who own their own home when I do not. Everything around me is familiar, from the smell of the grass when I wake up each morning, the position of the sun beneath the clouds and the trees, to the familiar sounds of our neighbors, and our beloved stray cat that visits us each morning.

But, as much as I am going to miss it, I am ready to greet a new physical place. Getting there is going to be a challenge. I was hurting sitting in church this morning for 20 minutes. Thank goodness for some awesome friends that are going to help us move in to our new address on 1/4/07.

More about this awesome church my cousin Sara and I visited this morning in Redondo The Breakwater and their mission to build water wells in Africa.

Happy New Year to all my peeps in the SCV and the SFV tonight. My thoughts and love are with you all.

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